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DX80 - DX120
(The system controller will be rectangular, beige or dark gray, and plastic.)

Note: back, next, show, chg, bksp and save are LCD interactive button operations. Use the three buttons below the LCD display to make changes.

From any phone:
Enter Database Administration using the feature code FEATURE # *
Then enter the DB Admin password # # # # # # # # (this is the password)
Press the interactive button underneath SHOW. The DB item Select screen displays.
Press the volume up or down bar to return to the DB item Select screen at any time.

Input 0814, then press save. This advances to the System Time programming screen.
Press SHOW to view the first system item, which is YEAR. (you don't need to enter anything if it's already correct)
Press NEXT to advance to the item that requires changes.
Press CHG and input data as required
Follow this method for each of the database items that need to be changed.
Press HOLD button to exit & return to the previous menu level & exit the programming mode.

FXII or DXP (from any telephone)
(The system controller will be a square box, either black or gray, sticking out from the wall about a foot.)

Dial * # 0 * 0 1.
Dial two digits for month.
Dial two digits for day.
Dial two digits for year.
Dial two digits for hour (military time)
Dial two digits for minute.
Dial # to save.
Press SPEAKER to quit

(The system controller will be kind of flat, with an area that projects out at the top. Black or gray.)

From extension 10 or 12- Press Intercom and dial * # 0 1
Enter in the date& time using military format: YY/MM/DD - HH/MM (military)
Press Speaker to quit

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What our client's say

"Telephone Communication plays a vital role to our school. We have multiple campuses connected via a networked phone system. I depend on Acticor for maintaining this critical system".

Merry Mattson
Director of Technology  Minnehaha Academy

"Our relationship with Acticor has been a huge asset in the growth of our business. They are knowledgeable about our system, responsive to our needs, and have always been a pleasure to work with."

Mike Derheim
VP of Operations
Sierra Bravo


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